To Whom it may concern

I just wanted to send kudos to your Osborne Coinage team member Yolanda Alvarado for her excellent customer service and follow-up on my custom pierced token order for my new pinball-themed film Skill Shot, BABY! We had custom artwork stamped and each side with a pierced hole in the middle so we could use the tokens as a necklace reward for a Kickstarter Campaign we’re doing for the film. Yolanda handled my custom order with knowledge and good humor, and we are thrilled with our final tokens. We’ll be returning to Osborne Coinage for further orders.


James M.

Pierced tokens and packaging








After receiving such great reviews from not only clients but our staff as well, we plan on doing a new coin every year now to hand out with our Christmas gifts.

Hy-Tech Drilling

Jennifer D.

Hy-Tech drilling coins






Doubloons for Mardi Gras Hotel client… 20+ years in the industry , so it’s not common to get a request for something I have not produced before. Tony was amazing, walked me through the product info, order process, pricing, die-charges, production time, etc. AND met my clients in-hands date with ease. Highly recommend Osborne and Tony!

Image One Marketing Group Inc

Steve C. 


They’re fantastic, Mike. We’re really happy with the order. 

I guess that concludes this round of business, but I hope we might be in touch for another order should we sell through. Thanks for being such a great guy. Make sure your ownership knows you’re worth every penny and more! 

Best Regards,

R.C. Drews









**Osborne Coinage addendum – to see the full story in the Daily Journal – click here. 

I am happy we decided to work with you.  I have said, “Oh my God” several times.  You were the only company, out of three who actually completed this beautiful coin. 

Thank you,  Mike and, Osbornecoin.com.   I am delighted about the Juneteenth coin.  A special note, I love the way Mr Douglass looks on the coin.  Please thank the Engravers.

We look forward to getting hundreds of thousands of orders…

 Thank you for the great effort, understanding and generosity you showed me during this process. 


Thank you,


Beverly D

Juneteenth Unlimited



Our recent order of aluminum coins arrived on 29 October 2020, and they are a big hit with our group members and with visitors to our group to whom we give the coins as welcome chips.

You folks hit a home run with this one. The coins are beautifully done. Your service was quick, accurate, and the resulting coins are very fine.
Of particular note was the help of Ms. Cathy Futscher, who guided us through the design, approval, and ordering process.

Many thanks, and our continuing appreciation for a job WELL done!

Best Regards,

New Awakenings Group of A.A.



Good Morning Sandra, 

We LOVE our coins! thank you and your team for a job well done. 

We look forward to handing them out and seeing the Veterans pleasure in receiving such a wonderful coin.


Denise F.
Dickinson County Office of Veteran Affairs




I have to admit, the decision to go with Osborne (other than the great customer service) was because the products are made in the USA. I love the history behind them and being a USA product. In my opinion, that was worth a slightly higher cost. 

I think I am going to try at the $15 price point and see how that works for us. I hope they sell like hotcakes and I am emailing next with another order. 


Niki F.

Platoon 22 

Associate Director



Hi Randy,

FCHF’s gorgeous challenge coins arrived about 30 minutes ago. Like receiving a little treasure chest. Box was in perfect shape — and the UPS guy was impressed by its size-to-weight ratio.  🙂

Thank you so very much for making this process easy and fast!

With respect,

Selena H.

President, First Coast Honor Flight



Dear Osborne Coinage,

Congratulations! I’m pleased to inform you that your company, Osborne Coinage Company (SAGE#52920), has been selected to receive a 2020 SAGE Rating Award for having an “A+” rating among SAGE distributors!

SAGE provides the leading product research and order management services in the industry, with thousands of distributors using our services on a daily basis to perform product and supplier research.

On behalf of SAGE and our distributor customers, I would like to personally thank you for providing such excellent service and products this year.

Again, congratulations on your company’s impressive performance this year and please let me know if there is anything that SAGE can do to assist you.

Best regards,
Madison Stute
SAGE Supplier Account Executive




I stopped by this morning and picked up the Crossroads coins plus the manilla envelope with the marketing coins.

Thank you (and your staff) for all you do to create a great product and get them done on time, every time.


Tom S. 


Wow, your (our) HFM coins were a huge success!  THANK YOU.  Arlene and I did not fly this past weekend.  We stayed in Maine and organized the sent off and Welcome Home Celebration.  48 Veterans flew, 102 in total.  From what we heard, Saturday after the dinner at the BWI Hilton, was a special, somber event, in which two of our HFM Board Members, who are also Veterans, presented each Honored Veteran with their HFM Coin.  The coin was in a capsule, (to make it appear slightly larger) then placed in the clear vinyl sleeve with their name on it.  From what I heard, this was  a very emotional event, when our Board Member, with coin in palm of hand, out reached their arm to shake the hand of the Honored Veteran and resulted in the transfer of the coin.

Arlene and I were at a gas station in Auburn Maine two days ago.  A WWII Veteran pulled in to the gas pump next to us, wearing a WWII cap.  Arlene recognized the Veteran, he flew with us last year.   They talked for a while, I had a coin in a capsule in my pocket.  I slipped the coin to Arlene, where she then presented the HFM coin to the WWII Veteran right there at the gas pump.  The Veteran was obviously taken by surprise in getting the coin, and his wife in the front seat of their car had tears in her eyes.

Need I say more…….. these HFM coins are so much more powerful to our Veterans then I could have imagined.

Maggie, THANK YOU and thanks to your team out there at Osborne Coinage, for fulfilling one more dream of our Veterans.


Bruce and Arlene W.

HFM logistics / Mail Call / Challenge Coin




Hi Cathy, Patrick & Gibson,

I just received the shipment of coins. We are very pleased with the end result and I wanted to thank you all for working with us to produce this family heirloom. I very much appreciate your attention to detail in order to assure a quality end result as close to our budget as possible.

Should you need any references in the future I would be happy to provide one.


Tom B.



Thank you again for such great work in such a short time. The coins were an absolute hit, great craftsmanship. All my masonic brothers were quite pleased. Again, thank you so much.

Craig F.

Junior Warden of Star of Bethlehem Lodge


Hi Randy,

Hey, just wanted to thank you so much for all your extra effort on getting my order processed so quickly!  The coins arrived last Friday, and everyone loves them!! 

You’re the best!

Warm regards,


JMH Premium

From our family to yours, we will be forever grateful for your partnership is achieving this magnificent feat. Your creativity, flexibility, patience, collaborative spirit and hard work put you at the top of the game. But you already know what an amazing crew you have. We truly could not have done this without you. Thank you x 6.23 million.


Steph, Kent and the Golin Team

Hello everyone, 

Thank you for a great, speedy job! Mission accomplished, the Chinese delegation was very honor in receiving this medallion. 

Best regards,

Yvonne M.

San Diego Zoo Global


Panda Coin

I just wanted to let you know that the response to the Samsara coins has been overwhelmingly positive. Please pass along to your team how pleased everyone is with the product.

Be in touch soon!


Jeff, Cathy and Mark,

We had a very successful 90th anniversary event on May 20th. The event was attended by a number of The Lindbergh Foundation’s friends and supporters. All guests was presented a commemorative coin, and they absolutely loved it!

I would like to thank the team at Osborne Coin for producing a beautiful coin. I want to in particular, thank Cathy and Mark for your patience and persistence in getting a good finished product out to us, and for accommodating our multiple requests for changes and refinements along the way. We very much appreciate your efforts, especially during the last week.

Thanks again for all your help, and I look forward to working with you on a future project!


Arvind I.

The Charles A. and Anne Morrow Lindbergh Foundation

 Randy & Maggie,

Below recommendation as promised. Coins are popular and also selling well — a dozen at our luncheon just today. Thanks for your professional assistance, quick response, and for being Made In America!

“When our challenge coin provider went out of business, we looked for a new company with a focus on quality and value. One company that caught our eye was Osborne Coin. In addition to Quality, Value, and Variety, their coins are Made in America! Together with Randy Pavlack and Maggie Ramirez, we worked design, style, and size options. In addition, they willing provided several samples and made recommendations to have our coin have more “pop”. The resulting coins are much more impressive, much higher quality, loved by our Vets & Guardians, and are Made in the USA! Turn around was quick and we were able to start using the coins for our 2017 Honor Flights. Each of our Vets and Guardians receives a coin during our departure ceremonies and they are cherished memorabilia. Additionally, we bought coins with two different finishes and they have been very popular sales items for our fundraising.  We highly recommend Osborne Coin and know your Team will be as pleased as ours!”

Bill W. – Honor Flight Coins

It has been a pleasure to work with you and the Osborne Coinage team for developing a great design for our Honor Flight of Southern Indiana challenge coin. The Osborne Coinage design team in sync with the operation people were able to create, design, and manufacture our coins with a very reasonable lead time. The Osborne team exceeded our expectations from the beginning to the end of the process. The coin is beautiful and has been well received by the veterans that go on our Honor Flight, and to the public who make a donation for a coin to support the veteran’s flight. Honor Flight of Southern Indiana is very proud of our new coin, and we are also proud to have had the opportunity to use a manufacturer in the USA, which is so meaningful to our veterans and those Americans getting a coin through a donation.Thank you for all the Osborne Coinage Inc. team has done to make our experience so pleasant for getting a coin designed for our veterans
Jerry C.
President Emeritus
Honor Flight of Southern Indiana Inc.

I too was somewhat disappointed in not finding you there. You always seem to put a smile on my face and a bounce in my step. I am sure I will be back sometime in the relatively near future. Till then, thanks for the great work “y’all” do.
“Great work! Always accurate and ahead of schedule.”

Tom S.

 Oh my goodness!! I am sooooooooooooooo pumped!!!    You have no idea!!! Osborne Coin ROCKS.

Chrissie W.
Freestyle Marketing

Hello Randy, My son and I enjoyed the Man Camp experience. I can see myself going again sometime in the future. My clients were happy with the coins and, yes, I can see them ordering more on a regular basis. Thanks for your help in making the ordering process so simple and painless. I look forward to working with you again in the future.

Tom S.

Hi Ted: Don’t know if you’re still in Vegas or not…but we got the coins today and they look fantastic. You guys ought to do this for a living!! (haha)

Thanks very much for all your help… You did a wonderful job…

John N.


Finally, on behalf of everyone here at CRS I would like to thank you for continuing to find ways to provide us with quality tokens at an affordable price. It isn’t every day that I have a vendor call me to tell me that they have figured out how to save us nearly $30,000 over the next three months. Thanks again.

Tom A.

Good Morning David,

Every day helps 🙂 Thanks for all help on these. It was a pleasure to work with you.

Teresa H.
Royal Caribbean International & Celebrity Cruises

Hi David, the GMs got their first look at the coins today. They are better than they expected! Thanks so much for your help with this.

Magestry Coins

WONDERFUL! You guys are absolutely AWESOME!

Tom A.

Mr. Schuh:

You have an employee that did an “exemplary” job for us on the above purchase order. The Kinetic Group believes excellent service deserves to be recognized so we would like you to pass on our appreciation to Julie Zins.

Not only did she follow through with “everything” she said she would but she got our order out the door exactly when she said she would and in a timely manner. Her customer service is what we consider “outstanding.” Not only did she promptly return phone calls but was always a true pleasure to deal with.

Please pass on our thanks and appreciation to Julie. We know there were many others that also made our order “happen” so please pass on our sincere thank you to each of them also.

Happy Day,

Judith K.

Hi David,

FYI – To date, we have never needed to reorder tokens. Hopefully this will change with your better quality token now in circulation.

Thank you & best regards,

David L.
Casino Operations Manager


To reiterate my original comment; this medallion is excellent. The finish of the nickle-silver material good quality, the artwork is very nicely executed and the recess on the back of the medallion works well with the money clip.

I appreciate the efforts expended by you and your company to assist with the successful completion of this project.

Regards, Gene

Eugene S.


Michelle R.

Hello David,

We have just destroyed a load of tokens with another company who did not credit us anything for the metal value. They also didn’t supply us with reconciliation or a video tape. The truck was twice the size as the unit in this flyer which made it a little difficult to setup. We have dealt with Osborne in the past and have found them to be a solid operation. The next load of tokens to be destroyed will be going through them. It will be your best bet for sure.


Jamie L.
Royal Caribbean International

Ok, now that I actually have a moment I have been meaning to say a sincere “Thank You” to you and the good people involved with our order a couple weeks ago. We received everything on time and it looked great! That, n turn allowed us to package and ship to our customer for them to hand out for their event. We have been in contact with them and the order was a success, and that is always good news. Again Julie, Thank You very much for all of your help and the attention to detail that was exercised on this project.


Scott A.


The keychains came through on time. I would like to take this opportunity to Thank You for all the assistance you gave in making sure this order went through on time. The event was a great success. Everyone loved the keychains. I had to fight them to keep from taking more than one per person.

Anyway, thank you Julie.

Carol P.
Moccasin Bend Waste Water Treatment Plant

Congratulations! I’m pleased to inform you that your company, Osborne Coinage Company (SAGE#52920), has been selected to receive a 2010 SAGE Rating Award for having an A+ rating among SAGE distributors!

SAGE Online is the leading product research tool in the industry, with thousands of distributors using it on a daily basis to perform product and supplier research. With SAGE Online, distributors can rate suppliers on a variety of criteria. Your company’s aggregate rating for 2010 was an A+! On behalf of SAGE and our distributor customers, I would like to personally thank you for providing such excellent service and products this year.

Best regards,

Jacque C.


I thought you might enjoy this story.

Over the past week, Nativity School has hosted an event, called “The Friendship Journey: Time to Change the World.” A total of about sixty students and chaperones from Germany, Poland, the Netherlands, and Ukraine were hosted by a like number of Nativity families (We hosted a really sweet kid from the Netherlands). Togo and China could not make it, due to visa problems.

It was a special week with many special moments. I think the week garnered some local media coverage, which you’ve probably missed since I believe you’re in the “Land Down Under.” The kids left today to many tears all around, but not before the school hosted a Cultural Show last night, billed as the “Parade of Nations.” German kids sung a traditional German seafarer song in sailors garb. The Ukrainian kids did a peasant folk dance in traditional garb. You get the idea. Near the end, all, including parents and friends, sung “I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing.” Fr. Paul, our pastor, concluded the show by presenting a “Nativity: Lighting the Way” award to each delegation for promoting peace and international harmony and understanding. Yes…you guessed it…the award is the Osborne coin you minted with the church on one side and the Nativity shield on the other. It was really touching.

Anyway, although I’m sure you’ve heard other similar stories through the years, I thought you might like to hear how stamping a design on a hard, cold piece of steel can produce such warm, fuzzy feelings, when presented properly.

Thanks again for your help with this.



I knew you would take care of everything – it is an art to coordinate.
Thanks for everything!

Scott C.

They did receive the 500 yesterday afternoon.

The medallions look incredible.

Thank you guys for following up and making it happen. You have a great team to work with, a great quality product and we look forward to working with you again.

Deb Campbell Perry
Baylor University



First let me say that the coins were an absolute hit! Everyone was awed by the craftsmanship and quality. Osborne has not only helped in starting a tradition, but in making a lifelong memory for over 100 young men and 30 honored alumni! The line of requests to “capture” one of the remaining coins is overwhelming!

Thank you so much for your assistance and continued service and support.

With highest regard,

Laura C.
Sweetwater High School

Kevin & Eddy,

I would like both of you to know how happy I am with the coins you made for me. We had a little glitch, but in the end you guys gave me what I wanted and that is what counts.

Thank you very much,

Joe P.
Outlaw Grips

Dear Dave:

Thank you for your help on the commemorative coin used for the combined regional opening of Mehring Way, the Central Riverfront Garage and the Roebling Bridge last Friday, November 5th.

In record time and on our extremely tight budget, your team did an excellent job in helping The Banks Public Partnership, the Kentucky Transportations Cabinet and the Transit Authority of Northern Kentucky create a memento of not only the day of “openings”, but also one to serve as testimony to the type of regional collaboration that does and will keep our region “moving forward.”

Thanks again, and we look forward to our next opportunity to work with you.


John D.
Banks Project Executive


Thanks for the great service!!!

Scott C.

Hi Randy and Maggie!

I actually JUST had a moment to open all of the boxes today, and the coins are STUNNING! I am so thrilled with them, and I know our guests will be too. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! We can’t wait to give them out.

Can’t wait to share pictures with you all!

Hannah Johnson

Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra