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Commemorative Event Coins

Commemorative coins are great for celebrations or achievements of major milestones. Historically, they have been used in commemorating important aspects of American history and culture. These custom coins and medallions help raise money for important causes and have been a cornerstone in marketing strategies.

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Silver Dollar Fair Promotes $1 Off Admission with Custom Coins

Silver Dollar Fair Lives Up to Its Name (Cincinnati, OH) – Current residents of Chico, California can’t imagine a year without their beloved Silver Dollar Fair anymore than they can imagine it going by any other name. Turns out, the notoriety of the fair and its name go hand in hand— and it all comes […]

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Western Fair Celebrates Anniversary with Custom Coins

Sometimes the best new ideas are old ideas that have been updated and tweaked.  That’s what the planning team for the 130th Anniversary of the Western Fair in London, Ontario found when they selected a commemorative coin to celebrate this momentous event. “Fifty years ago, the city of London gave away wooden nickels to celebrate […]

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