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Meet Our Team

The most important part of our business is the people that work here.

Ted Schuh 25 years

We Do Everything with Our Core Values of Honesty, Hard Work, and Trust.

Our unwavering commitment to our core values has been the cornerstone of our success as one of the longest-standing American companies. Through the most challenging times our country has faced, our team's dedication and expertise have ensured our stability and continued growth.

Osborne Coinage


Our leadership is the driving force behind our business, establishing the benchmarks that guide us, and actively shaping every conversation.

Andre McCaster, CEO of Osborne Coinage

Andre McCaster
Joe Sander, Controller, Osborne Coinage

Joe Sander
Ken Shaner, Director of Sales, Osborne Coinage

Ken Shaner
Director of Sales
Gibson Olpp, Marketing Manager, Osborne Coinage

Gibson Olpp
Marketing Manager
Ray Castro, Customer Service Manager, Osborne Coinage

Ray Castro
Customer Service Manager
Diann Haygood, HR Executive, Osborne Coinage

Diann Haygood
HR Executive

This is who we are

The faces of Osborne Coinage.

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Lis Foster
Osborne Coinage_Royal United Mint April 2023
Tony Hankins