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You have questions. We have answers.

Artwork Requirements

How do I submit my artwork?

We request that you send us your artwork via email. Please send your artwork to your salesperson. You can also email file attachments to artwork@osbornecoin.com.

Please include your company name in the subject line.  If you have additional questions about your file size or your project, you can contact sales at 1-800-488-2646. A member of our team is always happy to help.

What do I need to submit?

  • Providing vector artwork will minimize art charges and produce the best finished product.
  • Vector file extensions are typically .AI (Adobe Illustrator). PDF, .PSD or .EPS.
  • All fonts must be outlines.
  • .JPG, .BMP, .TIF, .GIF, and .PSD files must have a minimum resolution of 300 dpi (dots per inch).
  • No Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Publisher, or Quark files will be accepted.
  • All coin artwork is preferred in an IBM PC Compatible format. Macintosh files should be saved in a PC format when possible.
  • If you have an idea but no camera ready artwork, sketch it out and send it to us. We’ll let you know the in-house art charges.

How do I get a beautiful product?

Here are some hints to ensure you get the best-looking end product.

  • All artwork shown in black will be raised on the coin. 
  • Be sure to proof your coin artwork at actual coin size. Things look very different when you shrink them down and engrave the coin. If you can read a word in print, you can read it on a coin.
  • Please review all artwork carefully. Changes made after a die is started may require engraving a complete new die at the customer’s expense.
  • For busts (portraits) and detailed scenes (landscape, bridges, buildings etc) our engravers require line art as well as a photograph for reference. 
  • Half tones and shading cannot be reproduced on a custom-engraved coin and should be eliminated.

Simplify your project by having Osborne’s experts prepare your artwork with our custom coin engraving. We offer typesetting, touch-up, and photo conversion.

Project Pricing

Artwork preparation charge?

Typeset and send paper proof: $25 for 1 or 2 sides

Clean up low resolution digital files and add curved copy: $50 per side

Re-illustrate photo as coin-ready vector images: $100 per side

New design including some internet research: $125 per side

Changes made after 2 revisions: $50 per revision

Does metal choice change price?

This is a question our reps often get. Yes, your choice of metal does impact your project price. 

The price of metal changes based on demand and economic events. Some metals are inherently more costly than others. However, when you place your order your price gets locked in, so it is important to place your order as soon as possible!

What does "MOQ" mean?

MOQ stands for "Minimum Order Quantity". Our MOQ depends on the metal type that you choose for your project.

Here is a guide for your reference:

  • Aluminum - 1,000 pieces (39mm)
  • Aluminum  - 2,500 pieces (0.984" to 1-3/8")
  • Colored Aluminum - 1,000 pieces (39mm)
  • Colored Aluminum - 2,500 pieces (0.984" to 1-3/8")
  • Golden Brass - 250 pieces
  • Antique Bronze - 250 pieces
  • Copper - 250 pieces
  • Keytags - 250 pieces
  • Fine Silver - 100 pieces
  • BAM Medallions - 100 pieces
  • Shape Coins - 2,500 pieces (1,000 piece re-order)

Die Charges

What are custom die charges?

Die charges are per side and are in addition to the coin/key tag prices shown. A combination of techniques is used to faithfully recreate your design in metal. Our custom coin engraving charges cover only a portion of the overall cost of producing working custom coin striking dies, therefore we retain title and possession of all dies and preparatory work. Custom coin dies can be shipped to the customer for a payment of 30% of the original die cost.

One pre-production proof of new Multi-Level (ML) and Deep Relief (DR) style custom coin dies is furnished at no additional charge.

Dies used for Nickel Silver orders will incur an additional charge of $110 each.

Style Single Level (SL)

Beacon 1Beacon 2 (1)

Single Level Raised-Line Logos, Trademarks and Caricatures. Everything in the design is raised to the same level. 2 dimensional effect. Paper proof only for SL dies.

Confused or want to know what would be best for your design? Speak to a representative to get your questions answered. 

Contact us at 800-488-2646


Style Multi Level (ML)

Hotel-utah-artwork-300x300J SMith-1

Low Relief, Multiple Level Designs with slight detail modeling. Crests, simple buildings, and scenes. 3-dimensional effect.

Confused or curious to know which die style best suits your art and needs? Speak to a representative to get your questions answered. 

Contact us at 800-488-2646

Style Deep Relief (DR)

Law 1Law 2-1

Full Sculpted Deep Relief. Buildings or scenes with a great amount of detail. Busts and Portraits.

Confused or need help with your project? Speak to a representative to get your questions answered. 

Contact us at 800-488-2646

Products Offered

Products based on Industry

Are you interested in custom coins but not sure if they are a good match for your industry? 

Review our Industries We Serve page to see how similar industries like yours use our products and review our product portfolio.

What metal types do you have?

This is a great question and one that our reps are frequently asked by new customers.

Our Custom Coins page has a comprehensive list of the metals and visual samples of work that we have done. We work with our customers to find the best fit for their project that not only will look great but stay in budget!

Products by use case

Need some inspiration on how you might use custom coins from Osborne Coinage? 

Our products is a great place to start. Here you can see how are products are used by other companies in safety programs, challenge coins, marketing and branding campaigns and more.

Product Packaging Options

You have decided that custom coins would be a great addition to your outreach strategy but how do you display or present them?

How you display or present  your product to your clients, donors, or supporters can leave a lasting impact. Osborne Coinage offers an array of packaging options to give the "WOW" factor you are looking for.

View our packaging options