Custom Die Charges

Design your own coins with Osborne! Die charges are per side and are in addition to the coin/key tag prices shown. A combination of techniques is used to faithfully recreate your design in metal. Our custom coin engraving charges cover only a portion of the overall cost of producing working custom coin striking dies, therefore we retain title and possession of all dies and preparatory work. Custom coin dies can be shipped to the customer for a payment of 30% of the original die cost.

One pre-production proof of new Multi-Level (ML) and Deep Relief (DR) style custom coin dies is furnished at no additional charge.

Dies used for Nickel Silver orders will incur an additional charge of $110 each.

Single Level Raised-Line Logos, Trademarks and Caricatures. Everything in the design is raised to the same level. 2 dimensional effect. Paper proof only for SL dies.

The Beacon art

ItemDie StylePriceContact Us
Coin/Key TagSingle Level (SL)$210-$245800-488-2646
BAM MedallionSingle Level (SL)$325-$600800-488-2646
IngotSingle Level (SL)$335-$370800-488-2646
Curved or Bottle CapSingle Level (SL)$410-$445800-488-2646

Low Relief, Multiple Level Designs with slight detail modeling. Crests, simple buildings and scenes. 3 dimensional effect.

Hotel Utah artwork

ItemDie StylePriceContact Us
Coin/Key TagMulti Level (ML)$315-$600800-488-2646
BAM LineMulti Level (ML)$450-$800800-488-2646
IngotMulti Level (ML)$440-$725800-488-2646
Curved or Bottle CapMulti Level (ML)$515-$800800-488-2646

Full Sculpted Deep Relief. Buildings or scenes with a great amount of detail. Busts and Portraits.

Rubin art

ItemDie StylePriceContact Us
Coin/Key TagDeep Relief (DR)$500-$800800-488-2646
BAM LineDeep Relief (DR)Contact for Quote800-488-2646
IngotDeep Relief (DR)$625-$925800-488-2646
Curved or Bottle CapDeep Relief (DR)$700-$1,000800-488-2646